Saturday, July 26, 2008

the week of firsts...

This last week has been the week of firsts in our household. Here they are in order of event:

  • First tooth broke through - Friday, July 18th (after a rough few days!)

  • First time Kellen pulled himself up into the standing position - Saturday, July 19th (he worked so hard for it!)

  • First time Kellen sat up on his own - Sunday, July 20th

  • First day back to work full time for me - Monday, July 21st

  • First time Kellen had a non-family member babysitter - Tuesday, July 22nd (she's so great!!)

  • First time Kellen pooped on my leg - Thursday, July 24th (uh...that was real fun - I thought it would be a good idea to let him air out after a long night in his diaper...he rolled over and I grabbed him and then he decided he'd take a big ole dump on my leg. luckily i was wearing pants and it was better that then the carpet (which would not have been a first!)).

  • First time Kellen rode in a shopping cart - Friday, July 25th

And that my friends wraps up a long week!


Dottie said...

WOW! Busy guy! Fun seeing you both yesterday.

Jamie & Aaron said...

Love this weeks posting. I'm glad you included the picture of kellen in the shopping cart instead of the pooping on the leg incident :-) That just cracked me up!

Isabel said...

I love that he crawled before he sat. Baby Charlie did that, too :) busy little guys!

Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! Good job on all those firsts Kellen. Riley loves riding in the shopping cart. She seriously thinks it's the most thrilling thing. Strange!