Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Speaking of babies...

There are a lot more on the way! This has been the year of the baby or maybe we're just at that age where everyone is having babies and it's now the norm. At one point I counted 15 women that I personally know who were pregnant or just had a baby. It's now more than that and really just too many to count anymore.

Kellen not only has a cousin coming in February, but we have another coming right around the corner! My sister, Molly, is due at the beginning of August. And, one of my best friends, Andi is also due the beginning of August. Interestingly enough, I have a picture from when they were both visiting us in the hospital and they were both pregnant at the time and neither one of them knew it!

My book club alone has four prego's, one who just had her baby a couple of weeks ago, and two of us who had babies 1 day apart just 7 months ago! Oh and the two book clubbers who moved away to Sacramento...yes, they are both pregnant, too! Here's a shot of Kellen at book club and then with Mel...interestingly enough, all three of these ladies got pregnant within months of these pictures - hmmm, maybe Kellen is inspiring baby fever!

Whatever it is, we are so excited to have more cousins and friends to play with! Also, while last year it seemed everyone was having boys - this year it seems like there are a lot of girls on the way! More girlfriends for Kellen...except for his cousin of course, because that would just be wrong!!

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Elizabeth said...

congrats on all the new babies in your life! it totally seems like everyone i know is pregnant or just had a baby as well. must be something in the water! hope you're enjoying your summer.