Friday, July 18, 2008


ok - this is a departure from my typical subject matter, but i can't believe that britney spears has just given up her custody rights to kfed - he now has full custody of their kids. one of my favorite pre-baby time sucks was checking out the latest celebrity gossip on Pink Is The New Blog. oh how i'd love to check out who was dating who, who was flashing their privates or who was a drunken mess...but now, i'm so out of touch. so when i saw the headline on yahoo, i had to go check it out on PITNB to see what T=trent had to say about it. i'm pretty surprised that britney didn't get it together and while i used to be entertained by this's suddenly very, very sad to me to think about these poor boys and the fact that their mom couldn't get it together enough to care for them.

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