Friday, August 1, 2008

i <3 paper*source!

i'm so excited...they are opening a paper*source in portland!! word on the street is that it'll open Aug. 16th. i've actually never been to this store, but i first discovered them over four years when i was researching ideas for our wedding invitations. we ended up using one of their invitation kits and made them all ourselves - aaron even got in on the action. it ended up being quite a bit of work, as there were multiple parts to put together, but they turned out great and we paid A LOT less than we would have if we would have ordered them or had someone else do them for us! jan did end up saving they day by taking them home and finishing them all up for us and my friend kelsey was so awesome and did the caligraphy! i can't wait to be able to visit the store in, i just need a paper project - maybe 1st birthday invitations???!!!


The Cox Family said...

Those look familiar. :) I am excited as well for that store to be opening soon. And I am available to do 1st birthday calligraphy. Ha ha

The Cox Family said...

I love having the blog for our out of town parents to see what we are up to. I am trying to get in the groove of it so when i get pregnant and have something besides the animals and our yard to talk about, we will be ready! It was so fun to see you and Kellen the other day. He is so adorable and wasn't helping my baby clock. He He