Sunday, August 3, 2008

we're not the only ones interested in vitamins and poop

here are some of the google searches that people have run that led them to our blog:

  • my 6 months old baby sleeps with legs sticking straight up

  • "loves his dad" boy

  • i love k boy

  • hippie chic

  • how to incorporate infant naps with being outside

  • vitamins make my poop black

  • vitamins poop more

  • greenish black poop in a 6 month old

  • vitamins + take a poop

  • dark poo and vitamins

who knew there were so many poopy vitamin questions!!?


Dottie said...

How did you figure that out?

Aa, A & K said...

google analytics. you can monitor the traffic to your blog that way. i'll send you the link if you are interested!