Sunday, August 31, 2008

home opener, etc.

i can hardly believe it, but yesterday was the duck home opener. night game against the huskies...what a way to start the season! we enjoyed a great tailgater with friends and family, but half of our regular crew was not able to attend due to a wedding. looking forward to next week when we'll all be there...including our one and only, kellen!

i purchased some sound-reduction headphones that i'm hoping we can keep on him. we've been playing around with them in the house for the last several weeks, but he still just wants to rip him off his head when i put them on! we'll see how it goes...the two of us may be hangin in the moshofsky for much of the game! (here's a pic just for you, jamie!)

we have a big week coming up...kellen starts at the nike child development center - he is in the C. Vivian Stringer Center...named after the Rutger's Head Coach of Women's Basketball. i have mixed feelings about his entrance into daycare...while it's really the best case scenario with me working, i also dread the spread of germs and the sickness that i know will be coming our way soon, plus i'm just really sad to be away from him all week and boy, it'll be a lot of work getting all the bottles and food prepared each day! the one plus - they use cloth diapers! ok - and it's mighty convenience being right there on campus with me and i can drop in anytime to see him...that does make me feel better!

oh and in other news, i've been sporting a major black eye this week...last weekend while loading up the boy and his stuff into the car, i slammed my temple into the car door. ouch.

also, here's a cute pic of the boy's new toy.

okay...just a few more in his footie pj's...the cuteness factor is just off the charts (that hat is a few sizes too small now...we were just messing around! the kid is into everything these days!

darn formatting...these are supposed to all show up in one line, but i can't figure it out. oh, well.

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Kristen said...

Hi! I'm not sure how to reach you via email from your comment on my blog, so email me from your email and I can answer your questions! Your boy is soooo cute! Nice to meet you.