Friday, October 22, 2010

big boy bed!

we waited for so long...but finally last week, we decided to take the side off of k's crib to turn it into a "big boy" bed or "big boy" crib as he likes to call it!

the transition has been relatively easy, although he did fall out of the bed the first night. i heard the thud and waited for a cry or for him to call for us, but nothing. i woke aa up and he went in to find a dazed and confused kellen. aa helped him into bed and that was that! in the morning i asked him how he liked his bed - good he said! i asked him if he had fallen out and he said nope, but my ba (what he calls his pacifier...yes, he still sleeps with a pacifier. that or potty training is next!) fell out!

he has been waking up more often in the night - usually asking for his teddy who has fallen out of the bed. surprisingly he does not get out of bed in the morning or at nap by himself. he still calls for one of us to come and get him and still greets us with a smile and says "i woke up!". so cute.

a new favorite pastime of the kids - jumping on the bed. probably shouldn't let them do this...but they have so much fun!


the o's said...

yay! wes has totally loved his big boy bed and i think jumping on the bed is one of the best parts! glad to hear the trasition was smooth. (if you're wondering why i'm commenting on your blog before 7 on a saturday morning... i've been up since 3 for no good reason! ahhh!)

Dottie said...

Hi, saw your post on my blog. We take him to Swimbabes. Its a little intense but kids are learning to swim and float by themselves as early as 10 months.