Thursday, October 14, 2010

the patch

one of the nice things about me being at home and aa having a weekday off every other week is that we can do some of our family activities during the week sans the weekend crowds! yesterday we enjoyed one of our favorite family traditions - the pumpkin patch. in fact...we've been going for around ten years - we started years ago when my nephew, tylre, was kellen's age! crazy. it was the perfect day - so warm and sunny!

this was actually maya's first strip to the pumpking patch. last year we went three days before she was born! miss no nap was a trooper and enjoyed the hayride out to the pumpkin field. but her favorite, was just sitting on a pumpkin! we sat her there for a photo op and she just continued to sit there like it was a chair. k and aa hunted around for the perfect pumpkins and finally ended up with a tall, skinny one and a short, round one - bert and ernie is what we've been calling them around here! carving will commence this weekend (hopefully!).

oh and the one downside to going during the week - no corn on the cob or elephant ears!

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