Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat!

it's official...halloween is a million times more fun with kids!

cookie monster! *made by me! easiest pong "googly eye" balls sewed onto blue hooded sweatshirt. felt cookies stiched onto body of sweatshirt. after halloween...snip the thread and it's a blue sweatsuit!

chocolate chip cookie! *made by me! even easier...felt chocolate chip cookie safety pinned onto brown shirt w/ brown pants and brown socks!

cookie monster and cookie!

maya and her buddy torsten, stuck in the strollers while their olders sibs trick or treat!

chocolate chip cookie has had enough!

cookie monster, pinkalicious, pilot and robot fairy!

earlier in the week we had some friends over to paint pumpkins. these are all of my nike mom friends who are all now staying home with their kiddos. so fun to "work" together again!

very proud of his pumpkin!


Jen Jacobs said...

Hi Angie, Love all your posts! The Halloween costumes are so cute and you're right it's so much more fun with kids. I was just thinking about getting together with the Erin's too so I love that you got together for craft time. I'm going to add your blog to my reader list so I can follow you.

suzy said...

angie!!!! these costumes are INCREDIBLE... you are so talented! and your kiddos are so cute... maya is so old, i didn't even recognize her. :)