Saturday, October 9, 2010


this week maya learned her first sign - more! we sat on the kitchen floor with some chicken and after just a few times of me showing her the sign and then giving her more, she caught on! we did the same thing with kellen, only with veggie booty! not only is she signing it, but she says it as, mo. she was so excited the about her new skill that she woke up at 4am the first night signing and saying more! it's the cutest thing when your baby can start to communicate with you and seriously makes me burst with joy! she doesn't always use it in the right context, but she's only 11 months! i'm pretty sure that milk is up next and we're working on eat and water as well.

{in case you are wondering, my kids both signed more with one finger to the palm. i believe the main (correct) way to sign more is the two fingertips touching, although the finger to the palm is quite common. may be wondering why maya always has a rash on her face. we are wondering too! actually, she has some major food intolerances (hopefully not allergies) that we are working with her doctor and naturapath to figure out. it's actually much better (although pretty bad in these pictures) and we're hopeful she'll grow out of it. it does make me sad though to see her pretty face constantly covered in a nasty rash.}

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Jamie said...

That is exactly how Grace signed 'more' as well. So sweet! She's getting so big. I can't believe she'll be 1 soon!